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A lifelong learner and handyman.

Work History:

  • Landscape construction – teens – early 20s
  • Masonry / general construction – 20s – 30s
  • Union bricklayer – 5 years in Boston
  • Self Employed masonry contractor – 7 years specializing in repair
  • Hospital facilities tech – early 40s, a.k.a. the hospital handyman

Through this experience and home ownership Keith has touched on nearly every skill required to be a successful handyman. From fence repair to drywall patching, plumbing and electrical fixtures to garage doors and custom woodwork. As a result, he’s prepared for any project, home repair, and handyman job.



The scope of work as a skilled handyman combined with Keith’s experience is wonderfully broad. Repairs, installations, small construction, demolition, indoors, outdoors, drywall, masonry, carpentry, plumbing/electrical fixtures, furniture, and so much more.


Need someone to checkin on your home while you’re gone, meet / manage a contractor, check the mail, turn off the irrigation, close the upstairs windows, water the plants?

Like a lite caretaker or son-in-law for hire.


“Keith has helped us with several repairs at our home in Somesville, he always takes the time to make sure we’re getting exactly what we want. He’s our go to handyman!” – Stephanie

“I was told my door needed to be replaced, I asked Keith for a second opinion. He was able to fix the door quickly, at a fraction of the cost of a new door.” – Rene

“Keith has done several handyman projects for myself and my parents. He helps put our minds at ease with his calm approach to each challenge. ” – Alex

Meet Kate & Keith

Driven by values, connections, experiences, and the outdoors!!

Keith Tharp on left, Kate Harris on Right and their Dog Kalee in the middle, all posing near the summit sign for Cedar Swamp Mountain in Acadia National Park

Keith is the handyman, Kate keeps things running, and Kalee is the dog. We live in Somesville. Together we’ll strive to take care of your needs and provide a positive stress free experience.

We met through photography, and what cemented our union is a shared love of family, the environment, and our desire for adventure. Our most cherished memories involve a dog, creative plant-based eats, loved ones, and getting outside.

Yes, we still nerd out over some things in between (cappuccino makers, electric cars, visiting distant places) but our route to happiness is pretty darn simple. Continuing to learn, staying open minded and embracing challenges is our spice in life, and the source of many adventures.

Acadia Handy Helper is our next chapter, while giving us a way to meet and serve people in our community.


**Sorry, we are currently not accepting new clients.**

New calls and emails may not be responded to.

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  • email: AcadiaHandyHelper@gmail.com
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